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  canada - canadá
andre cote canadian and world coins and banknotes, commonwealth stamps pre 1950 canadian coins and banknotes interested to trade only. sellers or advertisers keep out drummonville, quebec 14oct2005
brian grant canadian and world coins, stamps, papermoney since 1949, dealer in canadian and world coins, stamps, papermoney vancouver, bc 14oct2005
bryce coutts world coins, uk, australia, new zealand, europe canadian and usa circulation coins willing to trade high grade circulation coins from your country, in exchange for canadian coins saskatoon, saskatchewan 23mar2011
cam hanna world coins by type canadian coins from the 1940s to present mitchell, ontario 19apr2007
chris hoffman world coins by type canadian and world coins toronto, ontario 19apr2007
colleen upton world coins, mostly europe canadian, usa and world coins mainly seeking pre-euro coins from the euro countries, as well as coins from africa. detailed wantlist available on my webpage hull, quebec 14oct2005
corey mcbride trading canadian coins beginner collector interested in trading coins from all countries hamilton, ontario 14oct2005
dario palacio billetes de colombia, el salvador y canada compro, vendo y cambio london, ontario 22sep2009
david larson world coins and banknotes, specially east and south asia world coins and banknotes i have worked on museum collections of east asian coins vancouver, bc 25oct2005
denis tremblay world coins canadian coins i'm interested in trading only saguenay, quebec 01jun2006
eric beaureagrd uncirculated world coins from 1950 to 2008 uncirculated canada coins from 1956 to 2008 montreal, quebec 20may2008
gilles 'jimmy' cardinal coins and banknotes coins and banknotes montreal, quebec 14oct2005
gord nichols contemporary counterfeit coins that circulated in colonial canada ontario merchant tokens and other exonumia i sell ontario merchant tokens and other exonumia on ebay as 'tokeng' sunny niagara, ontario 31oct2005
hubert hedderson world coins canadian coins would like to trade canadian coins for any coin that i don't have noddy bay, newfoundland 14oct2005
iftekhar alam coins of british india and bengal sultans coins of british india and bengal sultans toronto, ontario 28dec2012
jayder calderon world coins world coins victoria, british columbia 22apr2014
jeremy day canadian, world, usa and ancient coins canadian, world, usa and ancient coins please visit my website for a fabulous selection of rare coins. i'm always interested in buying rare coins vancouver, bc 14oct2005
john sinclair world wide banknotes of low denominations canada and usa banknotes would like unc banknotes when possible ottawa, ontario 31ago2010
kevin plimbley world coins by type. canada, great britain, australia, new zealand by date canada and world coins for trade north vancouver, bc 18jun2012
kevin small everyday money from every country canadian coins my son wants to collect coins from every country in the world. quality should be good, but does not have to be collector quality red deer, alberta 14oct2005
laribi moncef billets de bank pieces de monnais, billets, timbres montreal, quebec 31ago2010
l de jong world coins world coins, specially canada please see the lists at my website, then email me with your lists if you are interested in a trade ontario 14oct2005
leszek szczerba monedas polacas y pintura europea monedas americanas sólo para cambiar. hablo español, polaco, inglés ontario 14oct2005
lou yan coins from all over the world canadian coins, usa and some foreign coins i love to trade with people. i answer every email and will try my best to get you the canadian coins you want toronto, ontario 14oct2005
maikel slotboom coins and notes from spain, uk and the commonwealth world coins and stamps winnipeg, manitoba 08jan2009
martin molina papermoney and coins from colombia. monedas y billetes de colombia coins from canada i'm interested in papermoney and cois from colombia dated 1940 or earlier london, ontario 20may2008
mauricio acosta monedas y billetes de colombia monedas y billetes del mundo toronto, ontario 14oct2005
noah habib world coins and banknotes world coins and banknotes i am mainly interested in trading ajax, ontario 31ago2010
oleg a antique coins from greece, rome, middle age italy, germany i collect all rome's imperators calgary, alberta 24jun2015
patrick rebelo world coins world coins montreal, quebec 7mar2014
peter m mcdonald hammered and world coins 325 bc to date have been dealing coins for 35 years, worked at mintmaster international in saint-jacques street for many years montreal, quebec 19oct2007
pradeep emmanuel coins and stamps toronto, ontario 14oct2005
randall moyle world paper money world paper money i am open to making trades pickering, on 8apr2015
rui ribeiro moedas e notas portuguesas moedas e notas portuguesas visite o meu website e mantenha contacto scarborough, ontario 07oct2010
sam sheps bimetallic coins, world banknotes canadian coins and banknotes, australian and new zealand banknotes i'd be interested in exchanging coins and banknotes with other collectors winnipeg, manitoba 14oct2005
serges guenette world coins canadian coins i'd like to trade canadian coins for world coins or banknotes. i can also buy. if you have multiples or rolls of same type, that's ok too kingsbury, quebec 07jul2011
stephane mongrain world banknotes and coins world banknotes and coins longueuil, quebec 01sep2006
tim walker world coins by type from the 20th century canadian, newfoundland and world coins please send your doubles list when contacting me. i will reply to all requests riverview, new brunswick 4oct2012