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  italy - italia
abate rosso banknotes africa, asia and europe milano 08jun2011
alessandro attila world coins world coins i swap 1:1. contact me, i'll always answer prato, toscana 13feb2006
alessandro giannini world banknotes and coins. euros world banknotes and coins. italian euros bari 14oct2005
alessandro minisci monete repubblica italiana monete repubblica italiana milano 19feb2013
alessio ghezzani world coins italian and world coins i promise to trade honestly and correctly livorno, toscana 14oct2005
alessio montagano medieval coins from siena and tuscany milano 14oct2005
alessio romano only euros: unc coins and rolls, bags, starter kits and bu coins unc, circulated, rolls and bu euro sets pisa, pisa 14oct2005
andrea barzan world coins and banknotes world coins and banknotes treviso 14oct2005
andrea inzani world coins world coins, specially italian 14oct2005
andrea paleologo world coins world coins ciampino, roma 14oct2005
andrea scarpellini world coins and banknotes world coins and banknotes only good traders calci, pisa 14oct2005
annovi frizio euro coins and banknotes euro coins and banknotes swap with me euro coins from all the eurozone countries modena 12mar2009
antonio bagnoli papermoney papermoney bologna 14oct2005
antonio caracozzo world coins by type world coins exchange mistretta, messina 16sep2010
antonio martino world coins by type world coins pratola peligna, aq 27nov2010
antonio scotti coins and banknotes coins and banknotes trade and sell 14oct2005
antonio vitale coins coins, tokens, stamps, phonecards, postcards i prefer to swap naples 14oct2005
arrigo giusti world coins world coins conegliano, treviso 30may2006
beppe asti coins coins maleo, lodi 14may2014
bobba pier giuseppe world coins italian and world coins 14oct2005
bruno iaselli italian coins, euro coins euro coins, euro set, unc 2 euro comms, proof coincards pescara, pescara 13jan2016
carlo pileri world coins world coins roma 14oct2005
carlo visentin circulating world coins circulating world coins i want to exchange circulation coins from italy, with circulation coins from your country montebelluna, veneto 14oct2005
cesare rizzi world coins world coins foggia, foggia 14sep2006
claudio liggeri coins, banknotes, postcards coins italiano, english, espa˝ol fano, pu 22oct2008
daniele genetti world coins world coins, specially from italy, malta, switzerland visit my site and if you are interested in my doubles, email me 14oct2005
daniele cigagna euro coins euro coins oulx, torino 02oct2006
daniel piuma monedas del mundo. world coins monedas del mundo. world coins pueden escribir en italiano, espa˝ol, francÚs e inglÚs fermo, ap 25oct2005
dario ferro italian, roman and greek coins italian, roman and medieval coins please send me an email if you want to exchange, buy or sell savona 14oct2005
davide elia world coins world coins i'm also ready to buy lots of circulated and circulating coins from faraway countries copertino, le 02oct2007
davide paglionico world coins and banknotes world coins and banknotes napoli 30apr2007
domenico marchetti world coins world coins and old italian coins maranello, modena 14oct2005
donax european, world and euro coins. banknotes european, world and euro coins. banknotes roma 22oct2008
elgar monti world coins world coins felina, reggio emilia 03jun2014
emiliano giannarelli world coins and euro world coins and euro carrara, toscana 09jan2007
enrico tessaro world coins by type world coins i collect world coins by type. period 1900 to date. contact me, i'll answer to every email roma 17nov2008
fabio maggiore world coins by type world coins by type on my site you'll find a brief introduction to italian republican coinage with explanation of figures on italian coins roma 14oct2005
ferruccio calegari world coins world coins novara 22oct2010
filippo rossi world coins, euros world coins, euros, some phonecards i collect mainly euros but i'm interested to swap coins from all countries. only exchanges. no business scandicci 14oct2005
franco galletti coins exchange coins exchange riotorto, livorno 14oct2005
gaetano trabattoni banknotes banknotes i swap unc current banknotes at face value induno olona, va 08jun2011
giacomo zuanel euros by type, date and letter euro doubles if you want to swap, send me your doubles list ponsacco, pisa 26nov2008
giancarlo iannone world coins and banknotes world coins and banknotes maximum seriousness and consignments exclusively by registered mail. i'll answer to all the emails nocera inferiore, salerno 29oct2010
gianfranco cavallin trade coins by type roma 14oct2005
gianna reggio guido world coins from this century italian and world coins from this century, banknotes, phonecards genova 14oct2005
gian paolo melis world coins world coins parma 14oct2005
giorgio nurra world coins world coins i'm interested in world coins swapping cagliari, sardinia 03may2006
giovanni formisano world coins italian and world coins grosseto 14oct2005
giovanni micheli bimetallic coins world coins milano 11feb2014
giovanni stella world silver coins world silver coins milano, milano 02feb2009
giuseppe marchetti world banknotes, silver coins, mint set coins, colonial stamps banknotes, coins, stamps teglio, sondrio 17may2012
iengo filippo world coins italian actual coins and some world coins visit my site, with images of all the italian actual coins roma 14oct2005
iop giobatta monete bimetalliche mondiali e monete mondiali varie notevole quantita di doppie sia bimetalliche che metalli mormali udine, ud 24jun2015
ivano ruggiano world coins, euro coins, roman coins world coins. italy euro and republic banknotes i swap 1:1. contact me, i'll always answer, promise to trade honestly and correctly foggia, foggia 14sep2006
lauro pollachini modern world coins and new silver commemoratives modern silver coins from all over the world i am an advanced collector of world coins. please offer important and rare modern coins and new silver issues. my want list is available upon request. i can trade or provide modern silver coins milano 27ago2014
luca world coins and banknotes i'd like to exchange world coins, please send me your swaplist and i'll send mine 14oct2005
luca levanti world coins world coins and euros contact me, i'll always answer pistoia, toscana 19may2006
luca oliva worldwide unc banknotes worldwide unc banknotes giaveno, torino 30oct2007
luca rubini euro coins and usa quarters euro and italian coins imola, bologna 15jul2008
luca valperga world coins by type world doubles and many italian types send me your doubles list, i reply to all emails settimo, torino 14oct2005
luigi martinelli coins coins cercola, napoli 06mar2006
marcello valdifiori italian coins savoy, italian republic, italian mints, papal state, napoleone bonaparte shop of italian coins from the 17th century onwards forli, fc 20feb2008
marco di conza european coins, not euros world and italian coins rome 14oct2005
marco fiumani telephone tokens of the world italian coins, telephone tokens and phonecards roma 14oct2005
marco nichele word coins word coins crespellano, emilia romagna 22mar2006
marco ponza coins world coins vicenza, veneto 14oct2005
marian massimiliano banknotes unc banknotes swap and sale unc world banknotes lonate ceppino, varese 16sep2010
maria rizzo world banknotes and euro coins world banknotes and euro coins siracusa, sicily 25oct2005
mario moschini world coins and banknotes. stamps and phonecards world coins, banknotes, stamps and phonecards i use internet from a few months, but i'm collector from about 25 years bari, bari 15jul2008
massimo grande cartamoneta italiana vari anni san lucido, cosenza 14oct2005
massimo spinelli world coins by type world coins and euro coins from italy i always reply milano 14oct2005
mauro lapalombella italia and world coins and banknotes world coins torremaggiore, foggia 06feb2008
mauro regoli world coins since 1900 world coins since 1900 i'm a very friendly and serious person, please contact me to swap many coins. je parle franšais. ja govorim malo srpski milano, viterbo 15jul2008
michele sandri coins from 20th and 21st centuries world coins email me, and i'll send to you my swap list cornedo vicentino, vicenza 04feb2008
mirko sonetti world coins world coins san vincenzo, livorno 14oct2005
mistretta salvatore world coins by date and year several lists of world coins and italian coins the coins in the lists i propose are all available so i wish to receive coins list in which all the coins are available trapani 14oct2005
moreno d'onofrio world coins world coins villamagna, chieti 19jun2007
nese antonio world coins and euros world coins and euros swap and sale of world coins, contact me and i'll send you my swap list, i'll answer to all emails termini imerese, palermo 12mar2014
nicola cirigliano world coins by type world coins turin, piemont 14nov2010
nicola pallecchi world coins world coins chianciano, siena 14oct2005
omar bedendi world stamps, coins and phone cards world stamps, coins and phone cards tavigliano, bi 14oct2005
palladinetti fabrizio world phonecards stamps, coins and phonecards pescara 14oct2005
paola andriano coins of the world coins of the world i collect coins by type. contact me, i'll answer to all isola d'elba, toscana 14oct2005
paolo balbarani euros, world and italian coins euros, world and italian coins quistello, mantova 19jun2007
paolo beltrami world coins by type world coins by type and date i mainly collect world coins, circulated and commemorative; also banknotes and phonecards 14oct2005
perucco pieraldo world coins since 1900 world coins since 1900 please visit my website and let me know if you need any of my doubles torino 14oct2005
pietro valocchi coins from europe, north, central and south america italian coins and euro roma 22oct2008
raffaele corti world coins and banknotes italian and world coins and banknotes don't hesitate to contact me pisa, toscana 14oct2005
riccardo sciabica world coins european and italian coins doubles list available upon request palermo, sicily 11jan2006
roberto ardito world and bimetallic coins by type after 1950 world and bimetallic coins, italy and san marino rapallo, genoa 14oct2005
roberto pinghini world coins world coins calderara di reno, bologna 14oct2005
roberto viacava world coins world coins lavagna, genova 08jun2011
rosario rocca world coins world coins and banknotes bovalino, reggio calabria 30may2006
sebastian romano european coins and euros italian and world coins palermo and naples 14oct2005
sergio dattilo european circulated coins european circulated coins and phone cards napoli, campania 14oct2005
sergio trematore banknotes banknotes and coins i just swap at face value silea, treviso 16sep2010
silvino bucci world coins italian coins i don't sell or buy coins. i only swap. i trade 1:1 or for same value san valentino, pescara 14oct2005
simone ascenzi holed coins, non round coins, world coins animal coins, italian coins, world coins, stamps contact me and i'll send you my swap list ascoli piceno, marche 17nov2010
stefano angelelli world coins and banknotes by type world coins and banknotes by type macerata, marche 08jun2011
ugo abelli world coins world coins ferrara, emilia romagna 08sep2014
vecchio juri world coins world coins, mainly italy and san marino poviglio, reggio emilia 14oct2005
vincenzo de rosa world banknotes world banknotes salerno 14oct2005
vincenzo lorito world coins and banknotes salerno 23oct2007
vincenzo pinto european coins italian and some world coins 14oct2005