this site is dedicated to the memory of my grandpa, "el chato", thanks to whom i started this hobby
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  algeria - argelia - al jaza'ir
besnaci tayeb stamps, banknotes, postcards and coins stamps, banknotes, postcards and coins i'm waiting for your letters relizane 07jun2006
derradji mustapha stamps, coins & banknotes stamps, coins & banknotes i am looking for world friend swappers boumaiza, skikda 30ago2010
hoc banknotes banknotes algiers, algiers 30ago2010
mohamed lamine ben oudina banknotes and coins banknotes and coins i'm a banknotes collector. i'll be happy to exchange with serious people banknotes new or old by post ghardaia 10jan2013
manuel costa moedas e notas de todo o mundo euros e kwanzas luanda 11feb2014
  cape verde - cabo verde
paul pino cape verde coins and banknotes i'm looking for princesa luisa coins and any 1930 prova coins brava 24jun2015
  egypt - egipto - misr
ahmed hassan hafez world wide banknotes and coins world wide banknotes and coins alexandria 24jun2011
ahmed shaaban coins, banknotes, stamps coins, banknotes, stamps i am a collector and dealer from egypt. i buy, sell and trade cairo, downtown 06sep2018
ali mehilba world banknotes i am the coauthor of the egyptian encyclopedia of banknotes, working on libya encyclopedia now alexandria 03sep2010
egy notes banknotes and coins banknotes, coins, stamps, postcards, phonecards alexandria 22jun2012
ehab zakaria coins, banknotes, postcards coins, banknotes, postcards cairo 22aug2012
emad elwany coins and banknotes egypt unc banknotes of all units. world coins and banknotes alexandria 14oct2005
khalifa abdallatif world banknotes arab africa banknotes i am a collector and dealer from egypt. i buy, sell and trade attaba, cairo 14oct2005
  ethiopia - etiopía - ityop'iya
abdella siraje ethiopian emperors silver coins selling any one interested to buy is welcome addis ababa 22jun2012
sb bs old paper money addis ababa 22jun2012
diako gordon selling coins, banknotes, cards, bottlecaps, labels, postcards, coasters, stamps i'll reply to all dealers and collectors interested in any of my collectibles accra 11jan2006
edem mensah world coins and banknotes world coins and banknotes accra 21dec2006
emmanuel aikhuele banknotes, coins, phonecards, fossils, gems, minerals and others banknotes, coins, phonecards, fossils, gems, minerals and others accra 01dec2014
emmanuel noonoo selling banknotes and stamps contact me if you want to buy stamps and banknotes accra 07jun2006
francis albert tyaman selling ghana coins and banknotes contact me if you want to buy new coins and banknotes from ghana accra 18jul2007
godwin abake coins, paper money, arts coins, paper money, arts if you need coins, paper money and arts from ghana, you can contact me accra 17may2012
  kenya - kenia
aliya bauer stamps, phonecards, banknotes and coins with cricket or monkey theme unc banknotes, coins, phonecards and stamps from kenya nanyuki, laikipia 16sep2010
aura joseph enock selling my very rare coins coins from 1780 plus current banknotes nairobi 14oct2005
reuben owuor ayata old british east africa coins, british indian coins, mauritius, south africa, germany coins that you may be interested in it's my hobby to collect coins and i have quite good number of them. if you are interested do not hesitate to make inquiry nairobi 12mar2014
  libya - libia - libiyah
osama altaib world coins world coins tripoli 16sep2010
  mauritius - mauricio
ahmad old coins, mainly mauritian contact me for further details rose hill 23jan2009
jean karel bernard herminette mauritius banknotes and coins coins and banknotes from mauritius. some world banknotes please contact me and i'll reply promptly port louis 09may2008
  morocco - marruecos - al maghrib
d hatim world banknotes morocco and world banknotes just send me your swap list. i'll reply in 24 hours. i speak arabic, french, spanish and english rabat 14oct2005
  mozambique - moçambique
carlos pinto world coins and banknotes world coins and banknotes ask for my doubles list maputo 14oct2005
kasiana amadhila south africa old momey selling south africa old money i am in namibia and i am selling south africa old money oshakati, oheke 27apr2015
nehemia tangeni hedimbi selling old south african coins south african coins minted in 1965 downwards windhoek 14oct2005
paul siyata selling my coins coins from 1929 to 1981 i have collected coins from 1929 to 1981 and want to sell them to collectors windhoek 22jun2012
vicente fernandes world papermoney world papermoney i collect world papermoney from 1961 til now 14oct2005
edet akpan british commonwealth stamps, sheets world stamps, african stamps, coins, postcards, crown caps, labels contact first before sending anything please calabar, cross river state 30oct2010
morris green sell nigerian papermoney mint and unc banknotes from nigeria i offer four different denominations, mint and unc banknotes at us$15 per pack and well packaged for your delight. delivered via registered mail festac town, lagos 14oct2005
  reunion - reunión - réunion
gerard delage world coins world coins i have no reunion coins for swap, just world ones le tampon 24may2006
jacques blard world coins, old and silver coins reunion, mauritius, seychelles, madagascar and oceania coins saint denis 21sep2010
  rwanda - ruanda
sesc zeka paper money east african banknotes i would like to do my collection with you kigali 23mar2011
jean paul ntamugabumwe banknotes, coins, phonecards, postage stamps, crown caps, all collectibles banknotes, coins, phonecards, postage stamps, crown caps, all collectibles i sell and i might also be interested in buying depending on what is available kigali 21sep2010
  são tomé and príncipe - santo tomé y príncipe - são tomé e príncipe
marcelo francisco de carvalho dos santos world coins world coins seriedad ante todo santo antonio, principe 23sep2010
  senegal - sénégal
hadi hakim world coins coins from senegal dakar 15mar2013
  south africa - sudáfrica - suid afrika
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  sudan - sudán
abdelbari mohamed elamin elsir euro notes sudan specimen notes khartoum 21sep2010
hamod alsamot coins, banknotes and phonecards coins, banknotes and phonecards i can offer all coins, banknotes and phonecards khartoum 05sep2006
moiz shabbir alibhai selling anything from tanzania banknotes, coins, stamps, etc email me for more information dar es salaam 07nov2005
murtaza abdeali exchange with collectors tanzanian and african countries banknotes dar es salaam 26jun2012
  tunisia - túnez - tunis
mohamed tkitek banknotes tunisia unc banknotes for sale send me your want list and i'll make you an offer montfleury, tunis 23mar2011
mutasa currency old banknotes kampala 01apr2014
naik paresh selling 18th century arab coins kampala 14oct2005
arthur briolas south africa and world coins south africa and world coins i have old south africa coins and some rare world coins dating back to 1800 lusaka 14may2007
  zimbabwe - zimbabue
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