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  hungary - hungría - magyarorszag
andras majoros world coins hungarian and world coins tiszaujvaros 14oct2005
andras rózsahegyi world coins, banknotes, stamps world coins, banknotes, stamps budapest 14oct2005
attila hilt world coins world coins budapest 14oct2005
barna lászló world old banknotes i look for reliable swapping partners for old world banknotes swapping debrecen 08sep2010
csaba faragó world banknotes and coins banknotes and coins from ex yugoslavia nagykoros 20jul2007
csaba hilt world banknotes hungarian and world banknotes i prefer to swap instead of sell or buy budapest 14oct2005
csaba kiszely roman, hungarian coins and banknotes roman, hungarian coins and banknotes hungarian site with regularly updated news and articles, history of money, also a catalog of coins and banknotes budapest 14oct2005
ferenc nezics world old and modern coins and banknotes coins from hungary and east europe. world banknotes i'm a honest and serious collector. i want to swap with other collectors berzence, somogy 23aug2006
gabor dobo world coins central europe coins send me an email, i will answer to all gyomaendrod, békés 08sep2009
gabor szalay world coins by type world coins by type and phonecards i have lots of hungary coins in bu, proof and unc quality. also new commemoratives and phonecards budapest 09may2008
gál józsef banknotes, coins banknotes, coins kaposvár 10nov2010
gergely scheidl world banknotes unc banknotes mainly from central and eastern europe i prefer to swap at exchange rate. all countries welcome. i reply to all letters so don't hesitate to contact me budapest 14oct2005
istvan harmati current world coins world coins my goal is to collect every legal tender coin by type and mint from every country budapest 10nov2010
janos soos austro hungarian banknotes and coins austro hungarian banknotes and coins mezotur 17oct2005
kónya imre austrian and hungarian papermoney ich spreche deutsch und ungarisch szombathely 05sep2008
kósa zoltán world coins world coins pécs 21aug2008
molnár 'procopius' péter hungarian coins and banknotes i buy different hungarian coins and rare banknotes budapest 04nov2008
vámosi lászló world coins and papermoney. hungary medals world coins and papermoney tata 08sep2009
zsuzsa kaloczy world coins world coins pécs 14oct2005