this site is dedicated to the memory of my grandpa, "el chato", thanks to whom i started this hobby
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 israel - yisra'el
aaron kleimanswapping world coinsisrael and world coinsi'll answer to every email. ask for my swap listrehovot21oct2010
aleks shotyworld coins and banknotesworld coins and banknotesi'll answer to every emailashdod14oct2005
alexander chevakoffcoins and banknotesworld full sets and silver coinscollector of coins. buy, sell and trade world coins. answer to every mailhadera09apr2014
alex lazarovichworld coinsworld coins, mainly from israelbeer sheva28mar2014
arie leviworld coins by type. coins with shipsworld coins. many israel coins and banknotesi'd like to swap with people worldwideatlit, haifa14oct2005
arkady palaryaworld coins and banknotesworld coins and banknotesi'll be glad to swap with everyone, just email me with your doubles list and i'll send you mine.i'll answer to everyonenetanya14oct2005
avraham cohenbanknotes, billetes, billets de banquebanknotes, billetes, billets de banquejerusalem14oct2014
benny marompapermoneypapermoneywould like to trade, buy or sell papermoney with anyone from anywhere14oct2005
b leonsell, export ancient coinsancient coins from israel: roman, byzantine, judean, greek, islamicwe are antiquities dealers to dealers, distributors, and private collectors worldwidejerusalem01sep2006
bozhko sergeyworld coins and phonecardsisrael and world coins and phonecardsif you want to exchange, please email me.i write in english, spanish and russiankiryat yam25may2006
chaim sajnovskyworld coinsisrael and world coinsi have coins for swap from more than 100 countries. i exchange 1:1.all the emails are answeredbeer sheba14oct2005
dan ramerworld coins by typeisrael and world coinsall honest collectors are invited to my new sitenazareth illith29oct2010
dimitry smolyakovcoinsexotic and israel coinspetah tiqva20dec2012
eli nisniverworld coinsworld coinsi'm a collector of coins, banknotes, stamps and phonecards.i want to swap and buy only from honest collectorsashkelon21feb2006
eli schachar world banknotes israeli and many more perfect unc banknotes swap unc banknotes qiryat yam, haifa 14sep2018
eli veredcoins and stampsworld coins14oct2005
eshkol abrahamisrael and india papermoneyisrael and india papermoneyready to buy papermoney from israel and india. send me your listpetah tikva23jul2008
eugeny zilbershteincoins and banknotescoins and banknotesi'm a coins and banknotes collector from israel. numismatic shop owner.interested in buying unc modern coins and banknotes in big quantities from all over the worldtel aviv, tel aviv08oct2010
felix eshedworld coinsisrael and world coinsrehovot03apr2014
gabi brom circulating and commemorative world coins by type circulating and commemorative world coins i have also some other collectibles items to swap with coins: banknotes, stamps, tokens karmiel 26oct2017
gilad zuckermancoins, monedas16sep2010
hili shakkedworld banknotesworld banknotesinterested in buying, selling and swapping banknotes with worldwide list changes frequently, so please feel free to visit14oct2005
ilan rinetzkyworld coins, regulars and commemorativesisrael coins and banknotesrishon lezion28feb2008
ilia gendelevworld coinsworld coinsherzeliya14oct2005
ilia tennenbaumcirculating world coinscirculating world coinskarmiel24jun2011
kolot mishaworld coinsisrael and world coinsgan yanve19feb2013
meir kasirerunc world banknotes and coinsisrael and world banknotes and coinsi prefer a friendly basis of 1:1 exchange, no want listsramat gan11dec2006
meir mamraeveuro and world coinsisrael coins and banknotestel aviv14oct2005
mendy lerercoins and banknotescoins and banknoteslots of coins and banknotes for tradebeer sheva25may2012
moshe furmanworld banknotesworld banknotessend me your list of doublesariel17nov2005
moshe seidmanexchanging world coinsisrael and world coinshod hasharon14oct2005
nickolai nazimovcoins with ships, boats and other naval symbolsworld coins and banknotesi'll answer to every emailhaifa14oct2005
raul tischlerworld coinsworld postage stampsbeer sheva, hadarom13jan2016
schachar elibanknotesbanknotes, coins and stampsi want to swap unc banknotes from around the worldqiryat yam16sep2010
s tepperisrael and palestine banknotesinterested in rare banknotes, errors, specimenstel aviv14oct2005
shahar hardakworld coins and banknotesisrael coins and world coinskiryat motzkin14oct2005
shimanov borisolympic coinsrussia, kazakhstan coinspetah tikva20dec2012
simon mosesunc banknotesisrael unc banknotesbeer sheva14oct2005
svetlanasilver coins with ships, famous people, animalsi'm a beginner collectorhaifa07jun2006
udi sarfatibanknotes from israel and palestinebanknotes from israel and palestinekfar saba14oct2005
uri pinusmonedas. coinsworld coins. monedas del mundosin fines comerciales. non profit swappingsjerusalem14oct2005
victor shapiroworld coinsisraeli nowdays and out of use coins. world coinsi'll answer to every emailhaifa14oct2005
vitaly brodskyworld coins from 12th century to presentisrael, russia, siberia, europeashdod25nov2010
vitaly rabinovichworld coins and banknotesworld coins and banknoteshaifa25nov2010
ziad najjarworld coinsworld coins and banknotesi've got an interesting swap listhaifa14oct2005