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 italy - italia
abate rossobanknotesafrica, asia and europemilano08jun2011
alessandro attilaworld coinsworld coinsi swap 1:1. contact me, i'll always answerprato, toscana13feb2006
alessandro gianniniworld banknotes and coins. eurosworld banknotes and coins. italian eurosbari14oct2005
alessandro miniscimonete repubblica italianamonete repubblica italianamilano19feb2013
alessio ghezzaniworld coinsitalian and world coinsi promise to trade honestly and correctlylivorno, toscana14oct2005
alessio montaganomedieval coins from siena and tuscanymilano14oct2005
alessio romanoonly euros: unc coins and rolls, bags, starterkits and bu coinsunc, circulated, rolls and bu euro setspisa, pisa14oct2005
andrea barzanworld coins and banknotesworld coins and banknotestreviso14oct2005
andrea inzaniworld coinsworld coins, specially italian14oct2005
andrea paleologoworld coinsworld coinsciampino, roma14oct2005
andrea scarpelliniworld coins and banknotesworld coins and banknotesonly good traderscalci, pisa14oct2005
annovi frizioeuro coins and banknoteseuro coins and banknotesswap with me euro coins from all the eurozone countriesmodena12mar2009
antonio bagnolipapermoneypapermoneybologna14oct2005
antonio caracozzoworld coins by typeworld coins exchangemistretta, messina16sep2010
antonio martinoworld coins by typeworld coinspratola peligna, aq27nov2010
antonio scotticoins and banknotescoins and banknotestrade and sell14oct2005
antonio vitalecoinscoins, tokens, stamps, phonecards, postcardsi prefer to swapnaples14oct2005
arrigo giustiworld coinsworld coinsconegliano, treviso30may2006
beppe asticoinscoinsmaleo, lodi14may2014
bobba pier giuseppeworld coinsitalian and world coins14oct2005
bruno iaselliitalian coins, euro coinseuro coins, euro set, unc 2 euro comms, proof coincardspescara, pescara13jan2016
carlo pileriworld coinsworld coinsroma14oct2005
carlo visentincirculating world coinscirculating world coinsi want to exchange circulation coins from italy,with circulation coins from your countrymontebelluna, veneto14oct2005
cesare rizziworld coinsworld coinsfoggia, foggia14sep2006
claudio liggericoins, banknotes, postcardscoinsitaliano, english, espa˝olfano, pu22oct2008
daniele genettiworld coinsworld coins, specially from italy, malta, switzerlandvisit my site and if you are interested in my doubles, email me14oct2005
daniele cigagnaeuro coinseuro coinsoulx, torino02oct2006
daniel piumamonedas del mundo. world coinsmonedas del mundo. world coinspueden escribir en italiano, espa˝ol, francÚs e inglÚsfermo, ap25oct2005
dario ferroitalian, roman and greek coinsitalian, roman and medieval coinsplease send me an email if you want to exchange, buy or sellsavona14oct2005
davide eliaworld coinsworld coinsi'm also ready to buy lots of circulated and circulating coins from faraway countriescopertino, le02oct2007
davide paglionicoworld coins and banknotesworld coins and banknotesnapoli30apr2007
domenico marchettiworld coinsworld coins and old italian coinsmaranello, modena14oct2005
donaxeuropean, world and euro coins. banknoteseuropean, world and euro coins. banknotesroma22oct2008
elgar montiworld coinsworld coinsfelina, reggio emilia03jun2014
emiliano giannarelliworld coins and euro world coins and euro carrara, toscana09jan2007
enrico tessaroworld coins by typeworld coinsi collect world coins by type. period 1900 to date. contact me, i'll answer to every emailroma17nov2008
fabio guerrieri bimetallic coins and polymer notes bimetallic coins and polymer notes chiaravalle, ancona 3dic2018
fabio maggioreworld coins by typeworld coins by typeon my site you'll find a brief introduction to italianrepublican coinage with explanation of figures on italian coinsroma14oct2005
ferruccio calegariworld coinsworld coinsnovara22oct2010
filippo rossiworld coins, eurosworld coins, euros, some phonecardsi collect mainly euros but i'm interested to swap coins fromall countries. only exchanges. no businessscandicci14oct2005
franco galletticoins exchangecoins exchangeriotorto, livorno14oct2005
gaetano trabattonibanknotesbanknotesi swap unc current banknotes at face valueinduno olona, va08jun2011
giacomo zuaneleuros by type, date and lettereuro doublesif you want to swap, send me your doubles listponsacco, pisa26nov2008
giancarlo iannoneworld coins and banknotesworld coins and banknotesmaximum seriousness and consignments exclusively by registered mail.i'll answer to all the emailsnocera inferiore, salerno29oct2010
gianfranco cavallintrade coins by typeroma14oct2005
gianna reggio guidoworld coins from this centuryitalian and world coins from this century, banknotes, phonecardsgenova14oct2005
gian paolo melisworld coinsworld coinsparma14oct2005
giorgio nurraworld coinsworld coinsi'm interested in world coins swappingcagliari, sardinia03may2006
giovanni formisanoworld coinsitalian and world coinsgrosseto14oct2005
giovanni michelibimetallic coinsworld coinsmilano11feb2014
giovanni stellaworld silver coinsworld silver coinsmilano, milano02feb2009
giuseppe marchettiworld banknotes, silver coins, mint set coins, colonial stampsbanknotes, coins, stampsteglio, sondrio17may2012
iengo filippoworld coinsitalian actual coins and some world coinsvisit my site, with images of all the italian actual coinsroma14oct2005
iop giobattamonete bimetalliche mondiali e monete mondiali varienotevole quantita di doppie sia bimetalliche che metalli mormaliudine, ud24jun2015
ivano ruggianoworld coins, euro coins, roman coinsworld coins. italy euro and republic banknotesi swap 1:1. contact me, i'll always answer, promise to trade honestly and correctlyfoggia, foggia14sep2006
lauro pollachinimodern world coins and new silver commemorativesmodern silver coins from all over the worldi am an advanced collector of world coins. please offer important and rare modern coins and new silver issues. my want list is available upon request. i can trade or provide modern silver coinsmilano27ago2014
lucaworld coins and banknotesi'd like to exchange world coins, please send me your swaplist and i'll send mine14oct2005
luca levantiworld coinsworld coins and euroscontact me, i'll always answerpistoia, toscana19may2006
luca olivaworldwide unc banknotesworldwide unc banknotesgiaveno, torino30oct2007
luca rubinieuro coins and usa quarterseuro and italian coinsimola, bologna15jul2008
luca valpergaworld coins by typeworld doubles and many italian typessend me your doubles list, i reply to all emailssettimo, torino14oct2005
luigi martinellicoinscoinscercola, napoli06mar2006
marcello valdifioriitalian coinssavoy, italian republic, italian mints, papal state, napoleone bonaparteshop of italian coins from the 17th century onwardsforli, fc20feb2008
marco di conzaeuropean coins, not eurosworld and italian coinsrome14oct2005
marco fiumanitelephone tokens of the worlditalian coins, telephone tokens and phonecardsroma14oct2005
marco nicheleword coinsword coinscrespellano, emilia romagna22mar2006
marco ponzacoinsworld coinsvicenza, veneto14oct2005
marian massimilianobanknotesunc banknotesswap and sale unc world banknoteslonate ceppino, varese16sep2010
maria rizzoworld banknotes and euro coinsworld banknotes and euro coinssiracusa, sicily25oct2005
mario moschiniworld coins and banknotes. stamps and phonecardsworld coins, banknotes, stamps and phonecardsi use internet from a few months, but i'm collector from about 25 yearsbari, bari15jul2008
massimo grandecartamoneta italiana vari annisan lucido, cosenza14oct2005
massimo spinelliworld coins by typeworld coins and euro coins from italyi always replymilano14oct2005
mauro lapalombellaitalia and world coins and banknotesworld coinstorremaggiore, foggia06feb2008
mauro regoliworld coins since 1900world coins since 1900i'm a very friendly and serious person, please contact me to swap many parle franšais. ja govorim malo srpskimilano, viterbo15jul2008
michele sandricoins from 20th and 21st centuriesworld coinsemail me, and i'll send to you my swap listcornedo vicentino, vicenza04feb2008
mirko sonettiworld coinsworld coinssan vincenzo, livorno14oct2005
mistretta salvatoreworld coins by date and yearseveral lists of world coins and italian coinsthe coins in the lists i propose are all availableso i wish to receive coins list in which all the coins are availabletrapani14oct2005
moreno d'onofrioworld coinsworld coinsvillamagna, chieti19jun2007
nese antonioworld coins and eurosworld coins and eurosswap and sale of world coins, contact me and i'll send you my swap list, i'll answer to all emailstermini imerese, palermo12mar2014
nicola ciriglianoworld coins by typeworld coinsturin, piemont14nov2010
nicola pallecchiworld coinsworld coinschianciano, siena14oct2005
omar bedendiworld stamps, coins and phone cardsworld stamps, coins and phone cardstavigliano, bi14oct2005
palladinetti fabrizioworld phonecardsstamps, coins and phonecardspescara14oct2005
paola andrianocoins of the worldcoins of the worldi collect coins by type. contact me, i'll answer to allisola d'elba, toscana14oct2005
paolo balbaranieuros, world and italian coinseuros, world and italian coinsquistello, mantova19jun2007
paolo beltramiworld coins by typeworld coins by type and datei mainly collect world coins, circulated and commemorative;also banknotes and phonecards14oct2005
perucco pieraldoworld coins since 1900world coins since 1900please visit my website and let me know if you need any of my doublestorino14oct2005
pietro valocchicoins from europe, north, central and south americaitalian coins and euroroma22oct2008
raffaele cortiworld coins and banknotesitalian and world coins and banknotesdon't hesitate to contact mepisa, toscana14oct2005
riccardo sciabicaworld coinseuropean and italian coinsdoubles list available upon requestpalermo, sicily11jan2006
roberto arditoworld and bimetallic coins by type after 1950world and bimetallic coins, italy and san marinorapallo, genoa14oct2005
roberto pinghiniworld coinsworld coinscalderara di reno, bologna14oct2005
roberto viacavaworld coinsworld coinslavagna, genova08jun2011
rosario roccaworld coinsworld coins and banknotesbovalino, reggio calabria30may2006
sebastian romanoeuropean coins and eurositalian and world coinspalermo and naples14oct2005
sergio dattiloeuropean circulated coinseuropean circulated coins and phone cardsnapoli, campania14oct2005
sergio trematorebanknotesbanknotes and coinsi just swap at face valuesilea, treviso16sep2010
silvino bucciworld coinsitalian coinsi don't sell or buy coins. i only swap.i trade 1:1 or for same valuesan valentino, pescara14oct2005
simone ascenziholed coins, non round coins, world coinsanimal coins, italian coins, world coins, stampscontact me and i'll send you my swap listascoli piceno, marche17nov2010
stefano angelelliworld coins and banknotes by typeworld coins and banknotes by typemacerata, marche08jun2011
stefano gesualdo world coins world coins milano 26oct2017
ugo abelliworld coinsworld coinsferrara, emilia romagna08sep2014
vecchio juriworld coinsworld coins, mainly italy and san marinopoviglio, reggio emilia14oct2005
vincenzo de rosaworld banknotesworld banknotessalerno14oct2005
vincenzo loritoworld coins and banknotessalerno23oct2007
vincenzo pintoeuropean coinsitalian and some world coins14oct2005