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  romania - rumanía - românia
adrian homutescu basically romanian coins. others also information iasi, iasi 17nov2010
alex alecsandrescu romanian banknotes from 1900 to 2000 ramnicu valcea, valcea 28apr2006
alexander selling romanian banknotes, coins, stamps, phonecards, lottery tickets bucharest 14oct2005
alex mihailescu banknotes bucharest 09nov2010
andrea anna coins, banknotes, stamps romanian coins and banknotes. romanian and world stamps i'm interested in swapping salonta, bihor 13mar2006
andrei blidar world banknotes world banknotes i have about 2500 banknotes for sale or swap bucharest 24nov2006
andreica ionut world coins and banknotes romania and world coins and banknotes zalau, salaj 25sep2012
bogdan costin romanian medieval coins. wallachia and moldavia mainly roman and byzantine coins and artifacts i invite anyone interested in romanian medieval coins to contact me bucharest 14oct2005
bogdan ratiu austro-hungarian empire coins, roman empire coins, world banknotes romanian and east europe coins, romanian and austro-hungarian empire banknotes, romanian phonecards i'm looking for recent editions of km and pick catalogs 14oct2005
bogdan ursache world coins romanian coins i will reply asap to everyone bucharest 19feb2013
botond visnyei hungarian and austrian coins coins and information lugoj, timis 28apr2006
constantin carmen florentina selling romanians silver coins, stamps bucharest 14oct2005
cornel moga world wide razor blades, banknotes and coins world wide razor blades, banknotes and coins oradea, bihor 14jun2011
cosmin dragoi selling old coins romanian coins from 1884 craiova, dolj 14oct2005
cristian minu coins, banknotes and phonecards coins, banknotes and phonecards bucharest 31may2006
cristino austro hungarian silver coins coins from 1744 to 1820 i'm interested in selling constanta, constanta 14oct2005
dinca cristan coins and banknotes from all over the world world coins, banknotes, stamps and phonecards ramnicu valcea, valcea 14oct2005
dorel balaita romania and world coins and banknotes romania and world coins and banknotes onesti, bacau 28aug2006
doru nechifor world banknotes and coins. polymer banknotes romanian coins, banknotes, stamps, phonecards and postcards bacau, bacau 14oct2005
eduard szakacs world coins and banknotes world coins and banknotes targu mures, mures 02oct2007
eduard tara unc banknotes banknotes iasi, iasi 31oct2005
elnayef tayssi world banknotes romanian banknotes bucaresti 20feb2008
flaminzeanu bogdan world coins world coins bucharest 09nov2010
florin romanian banknotes and coins, danubian celts coins, roman coins up to hadrian romanian banknotes and coins. world banknotes, coins, stamps, medals ploiesti, prahova 14oct2005
fuleki costinel banknotes and coins banknotes, coins, stamps new and used, empty cigar packs, postcards, caps and more i like to swap but also can sell if it's not posible to swap bucuresti, bucuresti 06oct2014
gradinaru liviu banknotes romania polymer banknotes timisoara, timis 27sep2006
iliescu gabriel coins, banknotes, medals coins, banknotes, medals, phonecards, stamps, other collectibles ploiesti, prahova 21sep2010
istrate flaviu roman, celtic, austrian, hungarian, romanian europe old coins alba iulia, alba 09jan2006
lorand salahub stamps, unc banknotes stamps, unc banknotes, phonecards, viewcards, few coins wait your proposal tarnaveni, mures 09nov2010
marius stefanescu world coins and banknotes world coins and banknotes bucuresti, bucuresti 16oct2014
milosan lucian world coins world coins mangalia, dobrogea 21oct2010
mircea ivanov banknotes and coins banknotes and coins botosani, botosani 28apr2006
mircea jar coins and tokens world coins timisoara, timis 25may2006
morar ovidiu world coins and papermoney romanian and world coins, papermoney, stamps, phonecards bucharest 14oct2005
murzea catalin world coins world coins cluj napoca, cluj 15nov2006
nicu romi world coins and paper money 1800-now world coins and paper money 1800-now brasov, brasov 15nov2010
ovidiu bucse papermoney coins, papermoney, phonecards zalau, salaj 14oct2005
peagu dan coins and banknotes coins, banknotes, phonecards, stamps, bottle caps and pocket calendars vulcan, hunedoara 27nov2010
platon nicolae world coins and papermoney romanian coins and papermoney braila, braila 14oct2005
robert coins, stamps and banknotes swaps contacto por email. contact via email bucharest 10sep2009
sandel banuta used phonecards, coins, banknotes, viewcards used phonecards, coins, banknotes, viewcards i search for partners for exchanges in armenia, turkmenistan, south africa, new zealand, iceland, syria, iran, jordan, saudi arabia galati, galati 15nov2010
sorin ciortan stamps, coins and banknotes stamps, coins and banknotes i want to swap bucharest 21sep2010
stefan puscasu world coins and banknotes world coins and banknotes bucharest 14oct2005
trifu octav gabriel world coins and banknotes coins and banknotes from romania and other countries bucharest 14oct2005
tudor ciumara romania tokens, tickets, food stamps, coins and banknotes romania tokens, tickets, food stamps, coins and banknotes bucharest 27oct2006
unguru marian world coins and banknotes world coins and banknotes i want to swap and buy bacau 26jul2012
vasile victor germany, austria, hungary and romania, specially silver coins romanian coins bucharest 27nov2010
wonerth alpar world coins from 18th century til present romania, hungary, germany, austria and other european coins timisoara, timis 24apr2007