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  russia - rusia - rossiya
alexander belyakov world coins by type coins from russia and ussr, phone tokens penza, volga region 25may2006
alexander kuznetsov world coins by type, mintmark, variety circulated world coins i prefer to trade coins with collectors living in europe moscow 14oct2005
alexandr smirnov world coins world coins, banknotes, stamps, postcards, beer covers with pleasure i will exchange coins and banknotes with colleagues chelyabinsk 16may2012
anatoly predein world coins and papermoney, tokens russian, ussr coins and papermoney, phone tokens perm 14oct2005
andrey fomichev coins and banknotes from european kingdoms russian coins and banknotes i collect coins and banknotes with portraits of kings, queens, and so on zhukovsky, moscow region 14oct2005
antony andreev world coins from 1901 to date world coins from 1901 to date i can offer specially russia, cis countries, baltic states moscow 12jul2011
antony nikiforov world coins russia and world coins kemerovo, siberia 25apr2008
demid agafonkin world coins russian and ussr coins i only swap coins. i have no interest in buying. i collect by type, not year moscow 14oct2005
dennis ladeischikov modern world coins and banknotes 1975-2003 banknotes and coins of ex-ussr, cis, africa, etc. i'd rather prefer to exchange than to buy or sell. banknotes wanted only in unc condition yekaterinburg, sv 14oct2005
dmitri kudryavtsev 20th and 21st centuries unc world coins russian and ussr coins swaps based on official change rates nizhni novgorod 15nov2006
erol caliskan banknotes banknotes i want to find good swappers for trading banknotes moscow 03may2007
evgeniy artemchuk world coins coins of ussr, russia ulyanovsk, ulyanovsk 21sep2010
ivan artamonov world coins and banknotes world coins and banknotes magnitogorsk, chelyabinsk region 31aug2011
kachanov evgeny any coin which is not in my list russian and soviet coins saint petersburg 14oct2005
konstantin golobokov world coins russian coins i want to buy coins, i can offer russian coins kursk 19feb2014
koshin dmitriy world banknotes krasnoznamensk, moscow region 08apr2009
maxim solomatin world coins kolomna, moscow region 20may2014
mikhail morgun world coins ussr and russia coins i'm interested in exchanges. i will answer to all messages. you can see my coins on the site moscow, moscow 13jan2016
oleg bondarenko phonecards, stamps, coins, banknotes kislovodsk 21sep2010
pavel novikov world coins russian and ex-soviet bimetallic coins i'm interested in exchanges. i will answer to all messages maykop, adigey 20mar2006
roman zaretskiy world coins from 20th and 21th centuries by type world coins from 20th and 21th centuries my list of coins for exchange is available on my web site st petersburg 25nov2010
sergey drujinin coins from all over the world russian coins yoshkar-ola 14oct2005
sergey stepanov world coins, banknotes, stamps coins and banknotes dealer from russia and ussr. also buying and selling world coins and banknotes moscow 30aug2019
sergey tkachenko world coins coins from russia, ussr and kazakstan novosibirsk, siberia 14oct2005
stanislav vartanov world coins world coins i want to swap with collectors from all over the world. can offer either world coins, or wide amount of russian and cis coins moscow 24jun2011
taneli peratalo coins and banknotes from russia, ussr and cis countries. some world coins russian and soviet coins saint petersburg 08apr2009
viacheslav klapatniuk world coins world coins, stamps and phonecards zapoliarny 18oct2005
victor kachalin banknotes, coins and mint stamps banknotes, coins and mint stamps offer swap on any base or by agreement voronezh, central region 28sep2012
victor zaychenko russian and chinese banknotes till 1945, military badges, medals and orders modern russian mint stamps and banknotes magadan 14oct2005
vitaly getmansky world coins by type world coins you can see my doubles list on my site serpukhov, moscow region 09nov2010
vitaly kusov world coins, coins with royal portraits world coins ekaterinburg 14oct2005
yuri sergeev uk and british commonwealth world and russian coins krasnoyarsk 20jun2006
yuri yakovlev world coins, banknotes and jetons russian and ussr coins, banknotes, jetons, tickets, lotteries i collect coins by year novosibirsk, siberia 14oct2005