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  switzerland - suiza - schweiz - suisse - svizzera
andi schenker world coins by type world coins and swiss stamps i prefer to trade rather than buy or sell haegglingen 14oct2005
christoph schneider world banknotes, specially from latin america mi friendship i'd like to exchange banknotes of the world, specially from latin america, with all serious people. correspondence in german, english, french and spanish 14oct2005
egon conti rossini modern world circulation and commemorative coins modern world circulation and commemorative coins brissago, ticino 17may2012
erich steffen coins from ex soviet union zurich 25feb2015
hans bucek world coins since 1800 over 2000 different world coins advanced collector. don't offer common coins. recent issues welcome. no beginners, please. deutsch, english and español basel 25oct2005
jakob ott world coins up to 1945 unc or better swiss and german coins advanced collectors only, please schaffhausen 05dec2005
manuel sergy world coins swiss and world coins send me your swap list in french, english or spanish neuchâtel, neuchâtel 16jan2006
marcel zumstein world coins, banknotes from eastern europe and ex soviet countries swiss and world coins, stamps advanced collector, looking for rare coins and new issues only 17nov2010
nikolai bogdanov world coins and banknotes world coins and banknotes zurich 17jul2008
riccardo speziari world coins world and swiss coins i understand deutsch, italiano, english, francaise and also a bit español gümligen, berne 14oct2005
sun wu kong fine quality british coins zurich, zurich 21sep2010