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  united states of america - estados unidos de américa
aaron whiting world coins rolls of usa i want to trade rolls of usa coinage for rolls of common currency from other countries chicago, il 14oct2005
adam hamner world coins and papermoney i rarely sell. i prefer to buy or trade sherman, tx 06sep2010
agustin moran usa coins usa coins looking for pcgs graded coins for my different registries ventura, ca 31aug2006
alfredo dévora 20 pesos cuban notes from 1958 to 1960 contact me in english or spanish. contactarme en español o inglés tampa, fl 14oct2005
ali butt coins and banknotes from around the world world coins and banknotes i'm interested in swapping new york, ny 03sep2010
andy martin usa coins buy, sell or trade i have been collecting coins for over 40 years. i have a great many to dispose of. if any one is interested contact me by email 14oct2005
andy pineda venta de monedas antiguas venta de monedas antiguas portland, or 13jan2016
anurag varshney indian coins ancient and princely and mughal coins indian princely states and ancient and mughal coins i buy and sell indian coins santa clara, ca 14oct2005
ardeshir fardin coins coins detroit, mi 19feb2013
armen hovsepian armenia, iran armenia, iran, silver, gold, medallions we can supply the official silver and gold plated silver coins of armenia issued since 1992 lenexa, ks 14oct2005
arnoldo estrada billetes de guatemala de 1950 a 1970 compra sólo gente seria, por favor boston, ma 14oct2005
athur gabrielian modern, commemorative, low mintage, silver coins 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 silver coins satisfaction guarantee san diego, ca 09jan2013
bill leslie world coins world coins, including some older stuff looking to complete type sets of mexico, uk, canada, some other countries. interested in wwii emergency coins and currencies gresham, or 23jun2009
bill snyder double struck, off-center, brockages (british india) duplicates from my collection, or money i particularly need reverse brockages and double strikes of all english kings and queens cookeville, tn 12dec2005
billy house world coins and us coins and tokens world coins baton rouge, la 14oct2005
bob hicks world coins usa coins humble, tx 14oct2005
bob koelle world coins and currency usa and world coins newark, de 23oct2010
bob reis monedas, billetes, medallas militares, otras antigüedades monedas, billetes, medallas militares, otras antigüedades compra y venta raleigh, nc 19mar2012
byung seo korea coins and banknotes let me know if you have coins and banknotes from korea for sale dallas, tx 03sep2010
carlos ayala monedas y billetes de usa y el mundo compro vendo e intercambio me interesan billetes y monedas raras, y dinero que ya no circula, sobre todo en europa y algunos países de latinoamérica donde la moneda actual es el dollar new york, ny 03sep2010
chris twining uncirculated world papermoney hundreds of uncirculated world bankotes belchertown, ma 12dec2005
coin mart usa errors, world bimetallics usa coins buying usa coins and currency, specially usa major error coins. also buying world bi and trimetallics south louisiana 14oct2005
craig roark world coins from 1969 and older bakersfield, ca 20dec2012
cristian ancient coins modern and ancient coins, military awards this website was designed to exchange information and to promote this hobby. coins for sale ventura, ca 14oct2005
daidalus usa and uk coins usa and uk coins i don't expect anything special, just a personal collection houston, tx 14oct2005
dan duffey foreign currency, coins and papermoney foreign currency, coins and papermoney i will swap 1:1 dayton, oh 19feb2014
danny creason circulated euros circulated usa coins would like to put sets together by country. no money, just trade 07oct2010
dave swiren euro coins, canada, usa, uk, australia, new zealand, mexico world coin extras. plenty usa and canada. mostly circulated philadelphia, pa 13dec2005
david enrique de la cuesta gold coins and peruvian un sol worldwide coins all pcgs i collect coins from peru, but only un sol ones 14oct2005
denise moore buying, selling, trading nazi coins buying, selling, trading nazi coins collectible wwii nazi coins and stamps. please email me your list and prices 14oct2005
don norris world coins by type usa and world coins along with world doubles and most dates of common usa types, i have the new usa state commemorative quarters to trade athens, ga 11apr2011
eduardo enrique olave usa coins usa coins: quarters, cents, dimes, dollars, etc selling all collections coins of usa quarters from 1999 to 2021 manassas 22dec2021
edward mix world coins and tokens, mainly usa world coins and tokens, mainly usa i'm fairly new to coin collecting, so my collection is kind of small. looking to trade coins to help build my collection without great cost great bend, ny 14oct2005
edward monroy monedas y billetes del mundo monedas y billetes del mundo bayonne, nj 14oct2005
ed yanez license plates license plates have many collectibles for swapping, coins, banknotes, flags, crown caps, las vegas casino cards, pens, matchboxes, stamps, etc las vegas, nv 11feb2014
elizabeth woody world papermoney world papermoney pleasanton, ks 12dec2005
eloy navia monedas y billetes del mundo monedas y billetes del mundo hialeh, fl 12jul2011
enrique salinas garcía compra y venta de billetes antiguos billetes antiguos estoy en la más amplia disposición de hacer negocio en forma seria y formal los angeles, ca 12dec2005
evert hernandez monedas y billetes monedas y billetes intercambio, contactarme hialeah, florida 31aug2011
fabián orlando heredia world coins and papermoney world coins and papermoney contact me in english or spanish. contactarme en español o inglés miami, fl 25sep2007
forrest stevens tokens of all kinds tokens, mostly modern arcade, some coins pullman, wa 14oct2005
frank j pedersen us half dimes and small (15-16mm) silver coins from the 1800s sacramento, ca 22dec2012
frank proano billetes del mundo. world banknotes colecciono billetes de todo el mundo del año 1959 solamente. i collect world banknotes from 1959 only chicago, il 11feb2014
frank s robinson everything excellent price lists with many inexpensive coins albany, ny 03jun2014
gaurav singh bimetallic coins, euro coins, usa coins bimetallic coins, usa coins rocklin, ca 19feb2013
george schumacher usa and foreign unc gold and silver commemoratives various usa and foreign vista, ca 14oct2005
gerald kaufman coins in circulation american coins can correspond in english, spanish, french, italian, russian palm beach, fl 14oct2005
gerardo sandi coins, paper money and stamps 22jun2012
giovanni v doronzo world coins world coins i wish to sell or trade world coins and deal only with serious people. i have been an avid collector for 35 years sarasota, fl 26jan2006
giuliano giraudo numismatic collectibles old and new european and south american coins woodlands, tx 14oct2005
graciela reijer worldwide banknotes world and chilean banknotes palmdale, ca 20jun2011
greg maclean coins from unrecognized and fantasy countries world coins selling my modern world coin collection, by country group only, no single coins indianapolis, in 12dec2005
hal ornoff world coins world coins and banknotes, tokens, medals poinciana, fl 19feb2013
harry leschke circulated world coins, 3rd reich coins and israeli icmc commemorative medals circulated world coins over 1000 duplicates to trade clearfield, ut 30aug2019
harry rivera usa, canada, mexico, great britain, spain, and related usa lincoln, jefferson, canada tokens and small cents and world coins i want to trade my doubles for similar coins from north america and britain new york, ny 28sep2012
hunter roll spare change hunting finds houston, tx 20nov2008
illan glasner world banknotes and coins world banknotes and coins specially interested in france, israel, banknotes showing submarines, holograms. can also offer in exchange philatelic material and phonecards i get from time to time 14oct2005
james archibald leper colony money and medals what you need in exchange for my wants i seek better leper colony tokens worldwide gardner, ma 14oct2005
james l layfield non usa coins from anywhere all current usa coins, and some non current ones i'd like to trade my usa coins for your non usa coins. i don't sell my coins, only looking to trade shreveport, la 14oct2005
james martin world and ancient coins all types and duplicates moneta gallery is an online coin museum that you can contribute to. write articles for publication on the site. there's a library too 20dec2012
james wolfe world coins world coins ocala, fl 22jun2012
jay feldis modern chinese gold coins modern chinese gold coins interested to discuss these coins as well as buy and sell palo alto, ca 12dec2005
jay mccarter world coins usa and world coins i wish to trade only cambridge, md 14oct2005
jeffrey lauder usa, china, canada, world coins minor coins, most countries not generally interested in modern issues, i enjoy the different more than the rare 14oct2005
jeffrey port usa coins, ancient and medieval coins and artifacts usa coins i have been a collector for 30 years. i'm the past president of a local coin collectors club. my collection is primarily usa coins. i'm very interested in ancient and medieval coinage from europe. i'm also interested in finding a supplier of uncleaned roman coins jacksonville, nc 14oct2005
jesús guerrero monedas y billetes de honduras compro y cambio escríbanme si están interesados en vender su colección el paso, tx 12sep2006
jesús inguanzo monedas cubanas en general monedas del mundo nostálgico por monedas de mi patria, cuba miami, fl 14oct2005
joel almora monedas intercambios gresham, or 11jul2012
joel g steinhauer new and increasing low count countries, older dates 450+ foreign minors from 50+ countries all my trades are 1:1. i do not grade coins marietta, ga 14oct2005
john p lorenzo all coins all coins i've been collecting for 45 years. expert in many areas. see my ebay listings midland park, nj 14oct2005
jonathan fernando rubio coins and paper money i'm just buying coins and paper money, i'm still not selling anything el paso, tx 20jun2011
jorge l. cuesta world banknotes world banknotes miami, fl 04apr2014
josé fernández monedas y billetes del mundo intercambio y compra de monedas y billetes antiguos principalmente de nicaragua y usa rockville, md 06sep2010
juan jiménez monedas de argentina, cuba, puerto rico monedas de argentina, cuba, puerto rico euless, tx 14oct2005
juan rodríguez billetes y monedas mexicanas antiguas comprar quisiera conseguir billetes y monedas antiguas mexicanas, si alguien sabe pueden contactarme en mi correo chula vista, ca 13feb2008
juan torres billetes peruanos pre 1900 billetes del mundo soy un serio coleccionista de billetes de todo el mundo desde hace 17 años guttenberg, nj 14oct2005
julie lohse any world coins coins from the usa i speak english and spanish saint louis, mo 14oct2005
julio tarrago billetes de banco antiguos billetes de banco antiguos y algunas monedas sírvanse contactarnos, será un placer responder solicitudes, sugerencias, o solo amistad austin, tx 19feb2014
kenneth robbins indian states i'm interested in purchasing all materials related to the princely states of india: miniature paintings, hotographs, ommemorative medals, books, flags, maps alexandria, va 14oct2005
kenny chua rare straits settlements, malaya, sarawak and british north borneo banknotes quality banknotes from straits settlements and malaya advanced collector. i will pay top prices for straits settlements banknotes, especially scarce dates in high grade. also looking for singapore, penang, malacca private foreign banks, fancy number malaya, sarawak and british north borneo california 14oct2005
khaleel ahmad billetes antiguos de guatemala billetes de varios países colecciono billetes desde hace casi 12 años y estoy interesado en billetes antiguos de centroamérica california 14oct2005
klayton wagner garmus world coins, ancients, commemoratives world coins you can write in english, spanish, italian and portuguese jamaica plain, ma 14oct2005
larry mccumber world papermoney world papermoney will trade my doubles with other collectors. i'll answer to all emails dacula, ge 10may2006
leah rodkin world coins usa coins boston, ma 17jun2011
lee goldsmith world coins and currency world coins i would like to trade coins with other numismatists juneau, ak 23jun2009
lino sosa modern cuba coins, slabbed pre-revolution and usa modern commemoratives i have some cuba commemoratives for sale but i'm also interested in buying union city, nj 14oct2005
louis c mello us and world silver coins always ready to trade, especially for usa silver halfs and dollars mooresville, nc 22jun2012
luis hicks postage stamps and banknotes postage stamps, banknotes, postcards, small coins, lottery, etc las cruces, nm 05jun2021
mark glazer civil war tokens buy, sell or trade civil war tokens i specialize in patriotic civil war tokens. to buy, sell, trade or even if you just have a question about these tokens, let me hear from you 14oct2005
mark sharfman olympic coins olympic coins i have a lot of olympic host country coins to trade purcell, ok 23jun2009
marlin rios billetes antiguos vendo billetes del mundo miami, fl 01apr2014
mathew george travancore and kerala coins orlando, fl 22jun2012
matthew jenkins world coins. euros and round pounds world coins, notes, and stamps wilmington, de 14oct2005
melanie r homenyk world coins and stamps world coins and stamps wanting correspondence to learn, trade, and buy torrington, wy 14oct2005
michael doran bimetal coins, polymer banknotes world coins i also buy uncirculated rolls of current circulating coin issues charleston, il 06sep2010
michael javick world coins, stamps, paper money, tokens, medals bird watching, genealogy johnstown, pa 10feb2020
michael jowett africa, portugal, portuguese and british india see website will exchange or trade. see want list on website university park, fl 14oct2005
michael sherman circulating and ancient world coins circulating us and world coins college station, tx 30apr2014
miguel perez monedas de cuba y de españa con certificado de plata miami, fl 01oct2014
mihir dharamshi world coins world coins seattle, wa 10nov2010
mikhail fishbeyn world coins usa and world coins natick, ma 14oct2005
mikhail zaslavsky world coins world coins boston, ma 20may2008
muhittin akdeniz turkish, ottoman empire coins, medals, orders, any collectibles buy, sell and trade please feel free to contact me at any time for turkish and ottoman collectibles maumee, oh 18may2012
nachthund's paper money news current news concerning world paper money current news concerning world paper money click on our website for up-to-date news concerning foreign banknotes. also provided are helpful resource links to central banks, translation services and reference websites orlando, fl 13dec2005
nathan milakovich french mint and proof sets, especially euro issues us silver am eagles, both proof and ms, graded and raw. also us mint proof sets mostly interested in proof coins. not so much commemeratives, except for the final franc 2001 wavy coin sacramento, ca 13dec2005
néstor vivas venta monedas, billetes, sellos de correo, cards de baseball miami shores, fl 13jan2016
nick rosenfeld world coins by year world coins by year i will trade with anyone from around the world. send your lists and let's make a trade columbia, sc 06sep2010
norman watson poland and canada coins world coins kennesaw, ga 03mar2008
nova online inc ancient, medieval, and world coinage ancient, medieval, world, usa, and paper we actively buy and sell all numismatic material tigard, or 14oct2005
oded paz unusual and fantasy coins ( elongated coins ( any coins, tokens, medals and other exonumia with owls or abraham lincoln on them unusual and fantasy coins ( elongated coins ( any coins, tokens, medals and other exonumia with owls or abraham lincoln on them interested in buying, selling and trading any of the items i'm interested in arco, id 17nov2010
ofelia santiago usa silver coins silver quarters, dimes, pennys and more really cheap, please email me if you are interested miami, fl 14oct2005
pedro frazao world coins world coins will trade by km values, 1600 - current newark, nj 08apr2009
philip silberberg selling usa gold and silver coins usa gold and silver coins lake worth, fl 14oct2005
rafael pérez unc banknotes unc banknotes and mint stamps i can read english, spanish and french houston, tx 13jan2016
rajni gupta indian banknotes nepal, tibet i'm looking to buy indian banknotes. will pay top price briarwood, ny 09apr2008
ramón garcía usa dollars foreign coins in all mint conditions hablo castellano. sólo vendo, monedas y billetes a buenos precios. en otros países necesito el dinero en efectivo. english also spoken paterson, nj 14oct2005
ramón hernández world coins world coins intercambio monedas del mundo, incluyendo africa miami, fl 14oct2005
raúl alberto robles intercambio de monedas intercambio de monedas arlington, va 14oct2005
raul gongora monedas del mundo monedas del mundo comprar y vender northbergen, nj 08may2022
richard barns all coins mainly coins from the usa and uk remember if its not fun its not worth it stafford, tx 14oct2005
richard miranda world banknotes buying please email me your banknote offers on any current and new issues from around the world portland, or 23jun2009
richard r soodan banknotes from africa west indies banknotes lawton, ok 14oct2005
rick nickles usa and world papermoney, military items, etc coins, tokens, papermoney stevens point, wi 14oct2005
robert nowlin monedas y billetes del mundo monedas y billetes del mundo kansas city, mo 19apr2007
robert padgett canadian coins usa coins looking for trading partners for circulating coins springfield, va 19mar2012
roberto lastrico monedas chilenas monedas chilenas necesito toda la informacion que pueda obtener sobre las monedas chilenas que tengo, desde 1789 los angeles, ca 14oct2005
ron guth german coins from 1500 to date la jolla, ca 14oct2005
ross kaiser coins and banknotes all state quarters and some presdential dollars lancaster, pa 14jan2009
ruben monedas vendo monedas tengo unas monedas de colección antiguas y raras phoenix, az 20jun2011
ryan lamb euro coins from certain countries usa and canada coins very interested in euro coins from monaco, vatican and san marino hamburg, ny 14oct2005
sam burkett hard to find places, and just about anything many usa coins, just ask for anything i will answer all emails, prefer trades outside the usa, and seeking the weird and the wonderful st. clairsville, oh 14oct2005
scott williams low value world banknotes and coins usa coins including older silver issues, state quarters, current mint usa stamps i am a collector interested in coins and specially world banknotes littleton, co 14oct2005
sean porter world gold and silver coins usa, canada, world gold, silver and platinum coins for those living in countries that have devaluating currencies, i can offer good world gold, silver and platinum coins to help people protect their buying power. i also offer exotic paper currencies for those that like collecting world banknotes new orleans, la 14oct2005
selene quiñonez narvaez banknotes and coins from nicaragua world coins and banknotes new york 14oct2005
sema coins and banknotes of vietnam and french indochina please let me know if you have something interesting from vietnam or french indochina 14oct2005
simon cordova ancient roman and judean coins el dorado hills, ca 17nov2010
stan woodhouse world coin trading world coins phoenix, az 14oct2005
syed i alam world banknotes, coins, stamps banknotes interested in swapping usa vs bangladesh banknotes sterling, va 21oct2010
ted d reese 1958 world coins. france francs and half francs all usa cents, nickels, dimes. some world coins i've been a collector of coins for 40 years. i'm open to trades or sell of coins pikeville, ky 24oct2006
terry d adams world silver usa and canadian coins i will make every effort to trade in equal and fair value at all times greensburg, in 29may2006
todd klimson graded silver coins gold and silver coins ocala, fl 06sep2010
tom eastek russian, soviet, usa coins. silver coins silver eagles, russian commemoratives 14oct2005
tony stanovich ancient coins ancient coins, usa coins i prefer to swap dallas, tx 14oct2005
tyler kirkmann world coins and banknotes world coins and banknotes i'm interested in swapping coins with everyone old town, me 13oct2006
vimar serrano world coins usa and canadian coins 14oct2005
william ritchie us silver dollars and half dollars world crowns and minors grahamsville, ny 30apr2014
working man's rare coins specializing in usa silver coins all denominations of usa coins i also have many informational, educational, and entertaining links monroe, mi 27dec2012
yezid acosta billetes de colombia desde el año 1923 estoy interesado en comprar billetes de colombia desde el año 1923 al presente new york 14oct2005