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  albania - shqiperia
adnand shingjini world coins, paper money and stamps world coins i want to trade only with serious and good traders elbasan, elbasan 19oct2010
ridvan palluqi world coins, banknotes and stamps world coins, banknotes and stamps elbasan, elbasan 01apr2014
fores marti josep old cards, books from andorra, coins from andorra phonecards and stamps from andorra spain, francaise, italien, catalan andorra la vella 14oct2005
joan ribes guerrero notes and world coins notes and world coins send me your list of doubles. i reply in 24 hours andorra la vella 14oct2005
josep gasulla coins, stamps, postcards from andorra world coins, stamps and postcards la massana 14oct2005
numismático pinto monedas y billetes del mundo monedas y billetes del mundo compro, vendo y cambio. coleccionismo en general sant juliá de loria 25sep2007
  armenia - hayastan
richard l wittauer british copper coins 1600s and 1700s british from 1800s to the 1900s 14oct2005
  austria - österreich
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  azerbaijan - azerbaiyán - azarbaycan
bayram rzayev xxth century coins world coins baku 14oct2005
eldar abdullayev papermoney from all over the world azeri manats and more i'm a collector from azerbaijan and would like to offer you azeri manats baku 14oct2005
  azores - açores
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  belarus - bielorrusia - byelarus'
alexander matsiushko world coins coins from russia empire, ussr. unc belorussian banknotes minsk 29nov2005
dmitrij efremov banknotes, coins, mint stamps banknotes, coins, stamps i can send coins, banknotes, mint stamps, used phonecards from ex-ussr republics. i want world coins, banknotes and complete sets of thematic stamps minsk 14oct2005
dmitry artemov world coins and banknotes world coins and banknotes minsk 23jul2008
oleg varanetski world banknotes world banknotes molodechno, minsk 14oct2005
sveta minchenia coins and postcards from all over the world russian, ussr and other coins. belarusian banknotes. postcards minsk 03feb2006
valera ganzha world coins since 1901 cis, ussr, world coins and banknotes bereza, brest 31aug2011
vasily vasilenko coins, banknotes, stamps from cis visit my page and see list of doubles gomel 14oct2005
victor radivinovski world coins world coins, belarusian banknotes and coins i swap banknotes for coins only. belarusian cuni coins may also be swapped with those having serious intentions minsk 14oct2005
vlad shidkov world coins world coins 14oct2005
  belgium - bélgica - belgië - belgique
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  bosnia and herzegovina - bosnia y herzegovina - bosna i hercegovina
eddy topcic worldwide coins coins, banknotes, phonecards, stamps, postcards sarajevo 14oct2005
eldar sulejmanovic world banknotes banknotes from ex yugoslavia and world wide other email: tuzla, tuzlanski kanton 14oct2005
magbul skoro sell paper money see my large web list sarajevo 14oct2005
miroslav jelic papermoney, notgeld papermoney from bosnia & herzegovina, notgeld brcko 09jun2006
savo popovic world papermoney bosnia and yugoslavia papermoney i wish to buy, sell or exchange world papermoney in quantity banja luka, republika srpska 22sep2009
sead hadziabdic world coins from 1800 to 2000 world coins. ex yugoslavia banknotes travnik 13sep2006
  bulgaria - balgariya
bogomil tonchev bulgarian coins 19th-20th century i offer my coins at very reasonable prices varna 14oct2005
kostadin hristov banknotes from world wars and bulgaria world and bulgarian banknotes from wwi and wwii i sell, buy and exchange world and bulgarian papermoney. i search for old counterfeit banknotes from all the world sofia 14oct2005
krassy dimitrov world modern coins and banknotes world coins and banknotes sofia 08jun2006
mincho minchev world coins by type bulgarian coins by year or type veliko tarnovo 25may2006
peter petrov world coins and banknotes world coins and banknotes konyavo, kyustendil 15oct2014
todor angelov world coins world coins i prefer to swap. send me your list of doubles if you are interested sofia 24jun2011
  croatia - croacia - hrvatska
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  cyprus - chipre - kypros - kibris
andreas k andreou coins coins nicosia 04feb2008
michael onisiforou world coins by date cyprus and world coins i collect world coins by year. my special interest is old coins, german and third reich, unusual shapes, errors and holed coins. don't hesitate to send me a message. i'll answer within 24 hours nicosia 25oct2005
petkanis alexandros euro coins from finland, ireland, luxembourg and world coins greek, german, dutch, italian, belgian, french euros and cyprus coins i only swap nicosia 14oct2005
stelios avgousti world coins and banknotes nicosia 05sep2008
yiannis ioannou coins, telecards coins, telecards, notes, stamps, tabs, cigarette packets i started my collection in 1958, lost it in 1974 during the turkish invasion and restarted in 1976 nicosia 13mar2014
  czech republic - república checa - ceska republika
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  denmark - dinamarca - danmark
enrico schou denmark from 850 to date, norway, world coins online coin auction website in danish, english and german. private site with numismatic information on danish coins třllřse 14oct2005
henrik lykkeberg chinese cash, gdr, ddr and poland danish and world coins aarhus 14oct2005
jens pedersen world coins scadinavia coins copenhagen 4oct2012
jorgen clauson kaas danish colonial coins wold coin price list on request speciality: tranquebar, danish india galten 03feb2006
mogens nielsen world coins from 1945 to 1999 world coins copenhagen 02feb2006
palle rytter nielsen world coins, specially scandinavia world coins, specially scandinavia i'm constantly expanding my business, i offer more than what my website reveals copenhagen 21dec2012
  estonia - eesti
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  faroe islands - islas feroe - foroyar
jan skoralid world banknotes world banknotes i'm a member of ibns and lansa. i can swap modern faroese unc notes at face value for unc notes from your country leirvik 19oct2007
  finland - finlandia - suomi
aki sippola all ever issued world coins by type world coins i trade on 1:1 catalogue values. please check my homepage too tampere 16jan2006
hemmilä heikki world circulating coins from year 2000 finnish markkas, euros, world doubles try to get all coins circulating at millennium kaustinen, ostrobothnia 14oct2005
mikko juhani vatikaani, monaco, san marino, eurokolikoita ja juhlarahoja vatikaanin, monacon ja san marinon eurot ja juhlarahat vatikaani, monaco, san marino helsinki 03nov2008
olli vlimaa banknotes banknotes pietarsaari 10dec2020
taru ritola papermoney and coins i sell finnish euros, and world coins and papermoney i buy or trade us dollars and coins. i also buy or trade canadian and uk currency oulu 14oct2005
toni ahva world coins and banknotes, euros, commemorative coins euros, finnish markkas and world coins i am interested in swaping and selling helsinki 27nov2010
  france - francia
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  georgia - sak'art'velo
avtandil gordadze world coins world coins tbilisi 4mar2014
david mikeladze african coins of any time georgia and world coins, georgia stamps tbilisi 29nov2005
georgie world coins world coins batumi, ajara 05sep2008
kakhaber todua world coins and banknotes, specially iberoamerica coins and banknotes from georgia, russia, cis states my favorites are spain, portugal, brazil, france, ireland, yugoslavia, turkey, iran, armenia, azerbaijan, lebanon, madagascar, thailand and coins with geographical maps tbilisi 20may2008
  germany - alemania - deutschland
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david eveson selling gibraltar coins i offer gibraltar coins from circulation plus some commemorative issues gibraltar 24oct2014
  greece - grecia - ellas
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  hungary - hungría - magyarorszag
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  iceland - islandia - island
michele rebora world coins and banknotes coins from iceland kópavogur 14oct2005
  ireland - irlanda - eire
andrew miller euro coins from all participating countries irish euro i'd like to form a network of collectors who would be able to exchange a full set of euro coins from all issuing states cork 14oct2005
barry hennessy world coins and banknotes irish and world coins i don't deal with unc items. only trade. specially interested in coins and banknotes from the candidate eu countries cork 14oct2005
donnchadh ó fuarthain world coins and banknotes old and new coins and some banknotes i'm interested in sets of current coins and the lowest value 3 or 4 banknotes from all over the world waterford 22feb2006
paul williams world coins world coins. few phonecards novice collector would be very glad to swap with everyone tullow, carlow 24nov2006
  italy - italia
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  latvia - letonia - latvija
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  lithuania - lituania - lietuva
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  luxembourg - luxemburgo
michel flament euro coins euro coins i offer euros from luxembourg and other countries. only swap luxembourg 17may2007
sébastien flament euro coins euro coins i'm interested in euros and 2 euro commemorative coins swaps weiler-la-tour 14may2007
  macedonia - makedonija
aleksandar dinevski roman, macedonian, greek, byzantine coins all skopje 02aug2007
aleksandar mancev world coins by type macedonia, bulgaria, yugoslavia, greece and some world coins i'd like to swap with every honest collector radovis 14oct2005
goran stamps, paper money, coins, postcards paper money, coins, postcards prilep 12jun2012
ljupco trajkoski coins and paper money prilep 21sep2010
nikola world paper money macedonian and world coins and paper money long live numismatics skopje 21sep2010
slobodan ilijoski papermoney papermoney from macedonia kicevo 16jun2011
viktor ristovski world coins world coins and banknotes makedonska kamenica 22apr2008
vladimir hadzipetrov world coins macedonia and world coins i'm interested in swapping with world collectors stip 05jan2015
austin farrugia euro coins euro coins marsaskala 15oct2014
david attard commemorative euro coins commemorative euro coins birkirkara 11jul2012
frank farrugia all kind of coins and banknotes. also commemorative 2 euros different coins and euros rabat, rabat 15oct2014
joe farrugia world coins and euros world coins and euros swieqi 21sep2010
matthew gaui world coins maltese pre-euro and euro coins i prefer to swap fgura 19feb2014
remy said maltese coins and those from the order of saint john all types of maltese coins and those used in malta we deal in all maltese coins, banknotes and also telecards valletta 14oct2005
robert lautier 2 euro unc commemorative coins malta 2 euro unc commemorative coins and rolls please email me for purchase or swaps zebbug 19feb2013
  moldova - moldavia
alexandru protap moldova medieval coins world silver coins and banknotes i sell coins and banknotes. i have a small shop in chisinau chisinau 25may2012
evgenii coins from russia and phonecards coins from russia and phonecards chishinau 12jul2011
victor botez world banknotes banknotes from moldova, transnistria, ukraine, romania, russia, belarus i'll swap, sell or buy. feel free to contact me directly with your offers chisinau 14jun2011
  monaco - mónaco
samarati all monaco coins monaco coins and euros monaco 26mar2015
  netherlands - países bajos - nederland
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  norway - noruega - norge
arild skau world coins and small banknotes norwegian and world coins, and small banknotes 14oct2005
  poland - polonia - polska
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  romania - rumanía - românia
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  russia - rusia - rossiya
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  san marino
artimedio babini world coins world coins and banknotes, also silver, including vaticano, san marino good list of doubles, interesting countries, also silver. serious collector faenza 21oct2010
  serbia - srbija
attila sabli coins and banknotes by type coins and banknotes let's swap something! backa topola, vojvodina 14oct2005
blagoje cemerikic coins, banknotes and stamps coins and banknotes lazarevac 24jun2011
cabrilo dragisa coins and papermoney coins and papermoney zrenjanin 06feb2009
ivan ergelasev world banknotes banknotes from yugoslavia, serbia and other european countries zrenjanin, vojvodina 06feb2008
ivan miljkovic banknotes banknotes leskovac, leskovac 02oct2019
lisjak slobodan world wide coins and banknotes world wide coins and banknotes zajecar, zajecar 6mar2014
marko mandich world numismatics, faleristics and militaria world coins, banknotes, tokens, medals and plaques please visit my online store: serbian numismatic studio belgrade, central serbia 14feb2013
sasa stojmenovic world banknotes, serbian and yugoslavian coins banknotes from yugoslavia and other countries i prefer serbian, yugoslavian, german, russian, austrian and brazilian banknotes, but other countries are welcome 14oct2005
  slovakia - eslovaquia - slovensko
alexander suster european coins by type world coins, mostly europe zilina 14oct2005
andrej morocz euro coins, world commemorative coins, usa coins, russian commemorative coins euro coins, slovak coins, medals, bu sets nitrianske hrnciarovce, nr 21oct2010
benedikt gaal world coins by type world coins sala 21sep2009
jozef oravec world coins, banknotes world coins 15jul2014
juraj marcincin world coins by type with focus on europe slovak and world coins bratislava 14oct2005
martin korcok unc euro coins slovak unc banknotes and coins languages: english, slovak, hungarian sala 21sep2009
stano bozek world coins by type world coins trnava 19feb2013
tibor hegedüs modern world coins slovak and hungarian coins, various world coins lucenec 14oct2005
tomas diosi world coins slovak coins nove zamky 17nov2010
  slovenia - eslovenia - slovenija
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  spain - espańa
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  sweden - suecia - sverige
alaa al din hamoudi world banknotes world banknotes dealing with middle east and worldwide banknotes nora, örebro 21sep2010
erling gustafson world coins pre-1950 swedish coins lerum 14oct2005
hans nilsson world coins world coins i'm back into swapping. 1400 different doubles for swap koppom 14oct2005
kjell danell world coin types, preferrably unc or xf world coins to trade by km value umeĺ 14oct2005
martin wettmark world misstruck or error coins world coins göteborg, västra götaland 08apr2009
thomas axelsson unc banknotes sweden and world unc banknotes i'm interested in banknotes from former cis countrys and south america. i prefer swapping. please contact me stockholm 08apr2009
william llovera selling coins silver coins from venezuela, years 1886, 1900, 1905, 1906 more than 100 years stockholm 14oct2005
zeeshan ali world papermoney current scandinavian and many other world banknotes göteborg, västra götaland 28dec2005
  switzerland - suiza - schweiz - suisse - svizzera
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  turkey - turquía - türkiye
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  ukraine - ucrania - ukrayina
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  united kingdom - reino unido
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  vatican city - vaticano - citta del vaticano
emiliano elio micalizzi world coins world coins i want to exchange coins by their catalog values at 1:1. i don't buy roma 14oct2005
massimo caretta world coins my double coins roma 14oct2005